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We are specialized in the real estate and real estate development and construction sector.

Real estate- and real estate development
Planning and reporting

The commercial real estate and real estate development industry is characterised by an asset-specific reporting and performance measurement system. By means of integrating such measurement ratios in budgets and reports an effective real estate controlling system can be implemented and the informative value of your reporting can be increased substantially.

Especially for real estate developments the accurate planning and budgeting of projects is a key success factor and on such basis financing possibilities and optimal financing mixes can be identified and shortfalls in financing avoided. The valuation of real estate developments is often a key question during the process of planning and reporting and great set of factors can influence the valuation process.


Besides classical debt and equity, alternative financing instruments can be used both for project developments and also real estate as standing investment.

Construction and Construction material
Similar to the real estate industry, the budgeting and valuation of construction projects is often a key question within this industry. A transparent project budgeting is the basis for an effective construction controlling and valuation of work in progress within your reporting system.